Liz Wendling's Book

From the publisher:

The traditional techniques that enabled attorneys to prosper in the past are no longer adequate in today’s business environment.


Attorneys who will excel in the new business climate are those who understand that the old ways of lead generation and conversion, networking, and sales and marketing won’t work like they used to. Business, as usual, is over. Regardless of whether you accept it, the consumer, the economy, and the business environment have changed forever. The landscape has become more competitive, sophisticated, and more technology-oriented than ever before.


The old-school ways of the past have been replaced with more progressive and innovative strategies that today’s sophisticated and experienced consumers not only appreciate, they also notice. If the rest of the world is evolving in response to consumers becoming more well-informed and Internet-savvy, it is in your best interests to evolve as well, or you may face extinction.

Consultations that Convert by Liz Wendling