Cindy Chang's Book

In the book review segment of our latest episode of Counsel Cast, guest expert Cindy Chang offers an invaluable addition to our Thought Leaders Library: “You Are the Brand” by Mike Kim. 

This highly regarded book serves as a pivotal guide for professionals and firms in the legal sector and beyond, emphasizing the importance of personal branding in today’s competitive market. Mike Kim’s insightful approach breaks down the process of building a personal brand into actionable steps, demonstrating how authentic personal branding is crucial for success and differentiation in any industry, especially law. 

Cindy’s endorsement of this book underscores its relevance for lawyers seeking to elevate their market presence and connect more deeply with their client base. “You Are the Brand” is not just a book; it’s a blueprint for those ready to harness their unique value and translate it into a powerful, personal brand statement.

From the publisher:

Yes, It’s Possible to Build a Business around Your Expertise, Ideas, Message, and Personality. But First You Need to Realize ― YOU ARE THE BRAND.

It’s no secret that more people than ever before are building thriving businesses around their personal brands. But why do some create six- or even seven-figure businesses while so many others strive to make a consistent income?

Much of the personal brand space plays out in two ways. The first group of people sells a false version of themselves, thinking that image or perception alone will get them the results they seek. These folks don’t realize that attention isn’t owed, it’s earned.

You Are the Brand by Mike Kim