The Power of a Positive Team by Jon Gordon

Monica Pitts' Book

This episode, we’re excited to share a special pick by Monica Pitts – The Power of a Positive Team by Jon Gordon.

Monica Pitts explains that in The Power of a Positive Team by Jon Gordon offers an insightful guide on how to build and sustain a high-performing team through positivity. Drawing on real-world examples and practical strategies, Gordon emphasizes the importance of a positive mindset, effective communication, and strong leadership in creating a cohesive and motivated team. Whether you’re leading a law firm, a corporate team, or any group aiming for success, this book provides valuable lessons on fostering a culture of trust, collaboration, and resilience.

Join us as we delve into the principles of positive teamwork and explore how these can be applied to enhance your professional and personal life. Don’t miss out on this inspiring read, and be sure to share your thoughts and experiences with us!

From the publisher:

Worldwide bestseller ― the author of The Energy Bus and The Power of Positive Leadership shares the proven principles and practices that build great teams – and provides practical tools to help teams overcome negativity and enhance their culture, communication, connection, commitment and performance.


Jon Gordon doesn’t just research the keys to great teams, he has personally worked with some of the most successful teams on the planet and has a keen understanding of how and why they became great. In The Power of a Positive Team, Jon draws upon his unique team building experience as well as conversations with some of the greatest teams in history in order to provide an essential framework, filled with proven practices, to empower teams to work together more effectively and achieve superior results.


Utilizing examples from the writing team who created the hit show Billions, the National Champion Clemson Football team, the World Series contending Los Angeles Dodgers, The Miami Heat and the greatest beach volleyball team of all time to Navy SEAL’s, Marching bands, Southwest Airlines, USC and UVA Tennis, Twitter, Apple and Ford, Jon shares innovative strategies to transform a group of individuals into a united, positive and powerful team.


Jon not only infuses this book with the latest research, compelling stories, and strategies to maintain optimism through adversity… he also shares his best practices to transform negativity, build trust (through his favorite team building exercises) and practical ways to have difficult conversations―all designed to make a team more positive, cohesive, stronger and better.


The Power of a Positive Team by Jon Gordon also provides a blueprint for addressing common pitfalls that cause teams to fail―including complaining, selfishness, inconsistency, complacency, unaccountability―while offering solutions to enhance a team’s creativity, grit, innovation and growth.


This book is meant for teams to read together. It’s written in such a way that if you and your team read it together, you will understand the obstacles you will face and what you must do to become a great team. If you read it together, stay positive together, and take action together you will accomplish amazing things TOGETHER.

The Power of a Positive Team by Jon Gordon