The Growth Gears by Art Saxby

Doug Reifschneider's Book

In the insightful book review segment of this episode, Doug Reifschneider brings to light a pivotal resource for any law firm intent on mastering market leadership and strategic growth: “The Growth Gears” by Art Saxby. This recommendation is not just a nod to an influential read but a guidepost for our Thought Leaders Library, emphasizing the book’s core philosophy that successful marketing is not merely a matter of chance but a result of deliberate, strategic actions. 


Saxby’s work delves into the practical aspects of transforming marketing from an art to a science, outlining clear, actionable gears or steps that businesses can engage to ensure their growth is both sustainable and scalable. Doug underscores the relevance of Saxby’s methodologies for law firms seeking to navigate the complexities of today’s market dynamics, making “The Growth Gears” an indispensable part of any legal marketer’s arsenal. Through this recommendation, our listeners are invited to explore how the principles laid out by Saxby can be tailored and applied to the legal industry, promising not just growth but a robust foundation for market leadership.

From the publisher:

Are you running a highly successful company that just doesn’t seem to be growing? You may be so operationally focused that you’ve ignored one of the most important aspects of an expanding business―working from a market-based perspective. In The Growth Gears, Art Saxby and Pete Hayes share their linear method of transforming into a market-focused organization.
This book provides a simple framework as well as tools and action steps for identifying and adding these “gears” to give your company a set of repeatable behaviors and processes to fully capitalize on your market potential. Pete and Art bring their years of executive marketing experience, and their years of building a national management consulting firm, to lead you from insight to strategy to execution. In these pages, you will learn how to: • Determine if your business is operationally oriented or market oriented • Identify opportunities for business growth • Understand why marketing execution is sometimes not effective • Assure ongoing market relevance • Increase the returns on your marketing programs
Align your organization and your employees behind your market-focused initiatives to lead your organization to new levels of growth!

The Growth Gears by Art Saxby