Illana Raia's Book

From the publisher:

Imagine if you found the perfect mentor before you actually started work? Now imagine you could ask her anything. The Epic Mentor Guide matches questions from girls eyeing and entering the workforce with answers from 180 boss women already there.

Wondering what it’s like to be the first female coach or general manager of any men’s professional sports team? Ask Nancy Lieberman or Kim Ng.

Want to know what Veronica Beard thinks you should wear to work, why Tyra Banks over-prepares for every meeting, how Haben Girma graduated Harvard Law School deaf and blind, or what Bobbi Brown wants you to do when you hear the word no at work? We did too.

Thinking about careers in media, medicine, or metadata? Wish you could interview TheSkimm founders, NASA astronauts, Olympic athletes, or execs at companies like Billboard, Spotify, ESPN, NIKE, LEGO, TikTok, Google, and the NYSE? We felt the same way.

You asked. So we asked.

Answering girls’ questions from around the globe about diversity and inclusion, raising hands, speaking up, and standing out, The Epic Mentor Guide is your early inside track to the work world.

Created by Illana Raia, founder of the mentorship platform Être, and featuring women who remember what it felt like to take that first step on their career path, this book is for every girl building a future . . . from epic women building a pipeline.

The Epic Mentor Guide by Illana Raia