Social Media and the Law: Top Legal Blunders to Avoid with Robert Freund

Robert Freund

Advertising Attorney and Advisor

Robert Freund is an experienced advertising attorney and advisor. He focuses his practice on social media marketing and e-commerce issues. Before opening his own firm, Rob honed his legal skills working at Greenberg Traurig, LLP, one of the largest and most respected international law firms. Rob has lectured about advertising law at the University of Southern California and the University of San Diego, and he has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Bloomgberg Law, and Vox on those issues.

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You can get leads off of Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, it's just a matter of finding that right mix.

Robert Freund

Episode 115

Show Notes

Brief summary of show:

In this episode, Rob Freund, an advertising and e-commerce attorney based in LA, discusses common legal issues that marketers and content creators come across on social media. 


He began his independent practice in 2019 after working with Greenberg Traurig, representing various entities including direct-to-consumer brands, marketing and talent agencies and independent creators. 


He discusses issues like using content found online, copyright disputes and advertising litigation. He advises on the safest way to use music in content creation, reviews and deceptive patterns in advertising, as well as potential pitfalls in social media law. 

Rob gives listeners actionable tips on:

[1:47] Most common issue you are seeing when people first are contacting him

• [2:53] Where is the safe spot for people get music for their posts

• [5:40] Other common issues – regulatory attention on reviews

• [10:38] How to handle negative reviews

• [16:26] The best time to ask for positive reviews

• [18:23] What is our responsibility for the message your guest may proclaim on your platform (podcast etc)

• [22:15] Understanding website terms

• [23:24] Using artificial intelligence

• [25:56] Thinking about your ideal client

• [28:18] Robert’s book Review

• [33:35] One big takeaway from this episode

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Deceptive Patterns by Harry Brignull

Robert Freund's Book

From the publisher:

Step into the shadowy world of deceptive patterns and learn how online businesses exploit consumers through carefully designed tricks and traps. In this eye-opening book, Harry Brignull unveils how these techniques work and why they’re used, naming and shaming many well-known brands along the way. Regulations are changing rapidly, and we’re seeing a big rise in legal enforcement. But is it enough to protect consumers?

Deceptive Patterns by Harry Brignull