Jennifer Forester's Book

From the publisher:

It has never been more challenging to know what to say and do when those around us are hurting. We can feel empathy and compassion, but yet allow fear, doubt, and burnout to take over and paralyze us from connecting with each other. Our intentions may be good, but we don’t have the skills to know how to break through what we call the Awkward Zone. How do we “show up” for coworkers, friends, classmates, family, acquaintances, and even strangers when we are all struggling? Experts in the mental health field are recognizing that we do indeed need each other. We can’t self-care our way out of this. It takes intentional connection – the reciprocal relationships within our homes, workplaces, schools, neighborhoods, and communities — to ultimately bring about our emotional resilience. Showing Up breaks it all down. It uncovers the behaviors that get us off track and outlines the science of how human care works. It equips individuals, leaders, and organizations to break through the Awkward Zone so that people in your life know that you care. Filled with evidence-based tools and strategies, as well as touching stories, this book is a guide to bringing strength and hope to others and ourselves.

Showing Up by Jen Marr