How to add AI to your marketing strategy with Simon Kingsnorth

Simon Kingsnorth

Global marketing expert

Simon Kingsnorth is a global marketing expert and best selling author. He is also a keynote speaker and CEO of SK, a global strategic marketing agency.

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AI is here to augment our lives, not to replace us in any way.

Simon Kingsnorth

Episode 080

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AI is one of the hottest topics in digital marketing and content creation at the moment – and deservedly so. There is so much power in the technology and what it’s capable of, and it can bring you a lot of ease to your firm.


But will it replace traditional jobs? Is it still necessary to hire out certain roles?


And how can you leverage this AI technology as part of your marketing strategy? How do you identify where in your content creation process makes the most sense to use AI?


Joining me for this conversation is Simon Kingsnorth. Simon is a global marketing expert and best selling author. He is also a keynote speaker and CEO of SK, a global strategic marketing agency.


If you’ve been wanting to test out AI and realize its power within your own practice, you will take away a ton of value from our conversation.

Simon gives listeners actionable tips on:

[2:10] Why everyone is talking about AI right now
[2:50] Why is ChatGPT specifically getting so much attention
[6:30] Will ChatGPT replace traditional jobs?
[10:40] What happens when Google recognizes something was created by AI?
[16:10] The most prominent AI tools to try
[25:00] The costs associated with AI technology
[28:30] How to integrate AI into your marketing strategy
[34:15] Is there a risk of plagiarism?
[35:55] Simon’s book recommendation
[40:50] One aspect of business Simon knows always works

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