How do you start a new firm and deal with uncertainty? with Jeremy Widder


criminal defense lawyer

Jeremy Widder is a criminal defense lawyer practicing in Southern Maryland.

Jeremy started his solo practice in 2020 at the height of the pandemic.

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It's hard to start a law firm, but it's also never been easier.

Jeremy Widder

Episode 033

Show Notes

Brief summary of show:

When you start a new firm, you will always be met with uncertainty. Of course, you have a plan of how you want to run your firm, but there are many variables that can attempt to throw it off course. So, how do you navigate it?

That’s what we’re talking about in this episode with Jeremy Widder, a criminal defense lawyer practicing in Southern Maryland.

Jeremy started his solo practice in 2020 at the height of the pandemic, and he shares about how this helped his firm become more innovative.

He uses technology to automate and simplify as much of his practice as possible, while still providing top-notch legal representation and client service.

We talk about:

• [3:00] How to navigate external circumstances that impact a new business idea

• [5:00] Figuring out a strategy in the midst of a global pandemic

• [10:40] Why it’s so important for a new firm to know where its business is coming from

• [15:15] Jeremy’s system for asking for Google reviews from past and current clients

• [19:25] The impact branding has on your ideal client

• [23:20] The lessons Jeremy learned by starting up his firm in the face of uncertainty

• [36:30] Why burnout and working around the clock doesn’t work anymore

Jeremy Widder's Book

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