How Can Your Law Firm’s Content Beat AI? with Gert Mellak

Gert Mellak

founder and CEO of SEO Leverage

Gert Mellak is the founder and CEO of – an SEO agency that helps course creators, coaches and e-commerce sites grow their SEO in a conversion-focused way. Gert is also the author of the book “The ERICA Framework”, in which he describes his consistent, conversion-driven way of approaching SEO, that has led to clients stick to his consulting program for years, while steadily improving their results.

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You need to be careful about the sensitive information you share with AI, because it might be using your information as training to make the machine better.

Gert Mellak

Episode 124

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In this episode, Gerd Mellak, the founder and CEO of, discusses how to create content that outperforms AI-generated content in terms of SEO. Today, we’re delving into a topic that’s revolutionizing the way we think about content creation: the impact of AI-generated content on drafting strategies.

The advent of AI in content creation has ushered in a new era, offering both opportunities and challenges for professionals across industries, including law. AI technologies have evolved from simple content generators to sophisticated tools capable of producing complex, nuanced material that rivals human writing in some aspects. However, this shift raises important questions about originality, authenticity, and the personal touch that distinguishes compelling content.

Leveraging his background in technological development and marketing, he stresses the importance of being consistent and compelling through storytelling and testimonials as these elements are difficult for AI to replicate convincingly.

He also predicts that the issues with AI, such as inaccuracies and invented facts, will be resolved within the next year, making it even more important for businesses to create value-based, human-centered content. Finally, he emphasizes the element of reputation in the face of AI capabilities, highlighting the importance of maintaining relationships and staying in touch with previous clients.

This discussion is crucial for anyone involved in content creation, from lawyers to marketing professionals, seeking to navigate the challenges of integrating AI into their content strategies. Join us as we uncover the nuances of AI-generated content and its implications for drafting engaging, effective, and authentic content in today’s digital age. Don’t miss this fascinating exploration with Gert Mellak on Counsel Cast.

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Gert gives listeners actionable tips on:

0:00 Intro
8:34 Do outdated articles cause websites to be devalued
12:38 Weakness in AI generated content
16:18 Where can you use your own writing and content to outperform Ai
21:25 How can we do better and SEO implications
24:08 Is there a way to protect your story
26:24 What do you see happening in the next year with AI and long term
31:54 What do you see for the verification of identify
36:58 Book Review
40:07 Karin’s example of utilizing SEO and not
44:38 One big takeaway

SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham

Gert Mellak's Book

In the book review segment of this episode of Counsel Cast featuring Gert Mellak, we delve into a pivotal recommendation for our Thought Leaders Library: “SPIN Selling” by Neil Rackham. This groundbreaking work, renowned for transforming the landscape of sales strategy, offers an in-depth exploration of the SPIN (Situation, Problem, Implication, Need-payoff) technique.

From the publisher:

Written by Neil Rackham, former president and founder of Huthwaite corporation, SPIN Selling is essential reading for anyone involved in selling or managing a sales force. Unquestionably the best documented account of sales success ever collected and the result of the Huthwaite corporation’s massive 12 year, $1 million dollar research into effective sales performance, this groundbreaking resource details the revolutionary SPIN (Situation, Problem, Implication, Need payoff) strategy. In SPIN Selling, Rackham, who has advised leading companies such as IBM and Honeywell delivers the first book to specifically examine selling high value product and services. By following the simple, practical, and easy to apply techniques of SPIN, readers will be able to dramatically increase their sales volume from major accounts. Rackham answers key questions such as “What makes success in major sales” and “Why do techniques like closing work in small sales but fail in larger ones?” You will learn why traditional sales methods which were developed for small consumer sales, just won’t work for large sales and why conventional selling methods are doomed to fail in major sales. Packed with real world examples, illuminating graphics, and informative case studies and backed by hard research data SPIN Selling is the million dollar key to understanding and producing record breaking high end sales performance. Sales Behavior and Sales Success. Obtaining Commitment: Closing the Sale. Customer Needs in the Major Sale. The SPIN Strategy. Giving Benefits in Major Sales. Preventing Objections. Preliminaries: Opening the Call. Turning Theory into Practice.

SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham