Shermin Lakha's Book

From the publisher:

God is Me has been written as a collection of notes and reflections, so unlike a traditional book structure, there is no beginning, middle or end.


6.02 billion people all over the world believe in God in some form. Probably more if you were to refer to God as a synonym for Universe, angels, source, infinite intelligence, energy, cosmos or whatever truth aligns with you, which is what I do in God is Me. God is Me, is a reflective piece of writing based on the concept of enlightenment through self-reflection. The realisation that in fact I may not be God, but God is me. And once I become self-aware, that is, aware that I possess the same unlimited power that God does, and that power lives within me, within all of us, and the only thing that I need to do to access that power is to align with my own well-being, my own joy, I am finally free. Free to live intentionally instead of by default.

God is Me by Grigoria Kritsotelis