Data-Driven Growth: Local SEO that Works with Ross McDaniel

Ross McDaniel

Growth Strategist

Ross McDaniel is a growth strategist with a decade of experience helping brands succeed. With a passion for community development, Ross established Fencepost and the Local Growth Formula, resources dedicated to bridging the gap between top-notch home service businesses and their potential customers. With just four simple ingredients, any local business can see predictable and profitable growth. Ross’s aim is straightforward – developing communities by helping local businesses thrive.

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You can get leads off of Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, it's just a matter of finding that right mix.

Ross McDaniel

Episode 107

Show Notes

Brief summary of show:

In this episode, Ross McDaniel shares his insights on growing your firm through local SEO.

Ross McDaniel is a dynamic strategist with a rich history of amplifying both local stores and mega brands. Ross is an advocate for the prosperity of local businesses, believing they are the heart and soul of thriving communities.

As the founder of Fencepost and the Local Growth Formula, Ross connects quality home service businesses with the best customers. His mission? Foster community growth by championing local service providers and helping the best customers find them. Ross McDaniel, not just a strategist, but a community ally.

Ross gives listeners actionable tips on:

[0:00] Intro
[1:40] How he sees local SEO work for his clients
[5:10] The power of answering your phone
[7:10] First step in getting into local SEO
[11:50] Understanding local SEO metrics
[17:05] Optimizing for mobile
[19:15] Four key ingredients of growth
[24:50] Being able to take critical feedback
[26:00] Using social proof to boost conversions
[27:40] Ross’ book review
[29:00] One key takeaway from this episode

Ross McDaniel's Book

From the publisher:

You’ve seen the ads: Squatty Potty, Chatbooks, Purple, Poo~Pourri, FiberFix, Lumē Deodorant, (and more). You’ve laughed along with millions of others. And you’ve learned new euphemisms for poop, which can come in handy if you’re ever apparated back to junior high. But who creates all these ads? Glad you asked. It’s Harmon Brothers. From Poop to Gold takes you behind the scenes of some of the most successful video ads in internet history—and the lessons learned along the way. A stunning number of hilarious videos that have “gone viral”—and which have also managed to sell huge quantities of product (think of Squatty Potty’s pooping unicorn as just one example)—have one thing in common: they were created by this small group of people from a small-ish town in Provo, Utah. With awards from AdAge, Unruly, ADWEEK, and a WEBBY for Best Writing, Harmon Brothers—and their revolutionary model—transform poop into gold, and can do the same for you and your company. Originally more of a history of Harmon Brothers, From Poop to Gold changed in form as it changed its author, Chris Jones. He began to see dozens of applications of the Harmon Brother’s business model, and ways From Poop to Gold could potentially be much more than just a recitation of facts. Author Chris Jones pulls back the curtain and reveals the behind-the-scenes magic including their innovative business model, one of the biggest secrets behind their success. American business is often dysfunctional, a clear contrast to the often chaotic but always collegial—and successful—model at Harmon Brothers. More, the HB system both treats its employees like adults and allows them to behave like human beings, unique and powerful in their own ways. It was a story that needed telling.

From Poop to Gold by Chris Jones