Kimberly Bennett's Book

From the publisher:

BEING IS THE NEW DOING IS A VERY DIFFERENT KIND OF BOOK Who are you? There is a way that you’re being about your health, work, relationships, or money that is invisible to you. It matches neither your goals nor your vision for your life. There’s a gap between how you show up and what is actually required to create the results you want. Today you spend your energy, time, and peace of mind being busy, doing everything you can hour after hour with hopes of closing that gap. You charge through your to-do list like the sun bursting through a rain cloud. Nothing but your cell phone in your left hand, your keys in your right, and the fire of failure not being an option burning in your eyes. Sometimes you hit the goal but often times you do the hard work and still miss the mark on what really matters to you.

Being is the New Doing by Radiah Rhodes