Veronica Romney's Book

From the publisher:

This book will show you how to do:

How To Charge A Lot More Than You Currently Are…

The Tiny Market Big Money Process we use to laser focus on niche markets overflowing with cash

The “Unfair” Pricing formula….how we 100x’d our pricing (and got more people to say yes….for real)

The Value Flip…so you never get price compared again (that’s a promise)

The Virtuous Cycle of Price…use it to outspend your competition (for good) while using your product to attract the best talent 2.

How To Make Your Product So Good, Prospects Find A Way To Pay For It

The Unbeatable Value Equation….to make what you sell worth more than your prospects have ever received

The Delivery Cube….to make delivering your products and services cost less but provide more

The Trim & Stack Hack….to maximize profit using the absolute best delivery methods. (This has never been shared publicly and was how we made $17M in profit on $28M in revenue in a year when I was 28 years old) 3.

How To Enhance Your Offer So Much, Prospects Buy Without Hesitating

The Scarcity Stack….how to use the three different types of scarcity in every offer you make (without lying) to get people to buy the moment you ask

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